Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I don't have any idea of how to set up a blog, but I wanted to share some of my crafty items and decided to give it a try.  Blogger is pretty easy in the early steps so we will be on an adventure together!


  1. WELCOME to Blogland!!! Can't wait to see some of your creations!!!! And I wanted to THANK YOU so much for your awesome comment on my blog!!! Hope you have a very blessed day!!!

  2. Welcome to blogspot. I found your address watermarked on your surfing card. Love your card.
    I just made a blog Sept 19. It sure is fun learning new things. By the way Penny Duncan blogs and tutorials got me started learning so many new things encluding using my cricut, SCAL and using SVG's.
    I love your graphics on your blog.
    Lynnel Lynch